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MEAHA Mask Requirement

By Mike Keaney, 10/14/21, 9:45AM EDT


MEAHA Mask Requirement -Effective October 15th

To all MEAHA Members,

As the Maine Amateur Hockey Association winter season begins, it is imperative that we take necessary precautions to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 and its variants. Our rink partners across the state have implemented protocols that will affect all of those who use their facilities. It’s important that you make yourselves aware of the requirements in place at any facility that you may visit during the upcoming season and that you comply with those requirements. MEAHA fully supports our rink partners and their efforts to minimize the risk of Covid-19 at their facilities.

In addition, MEAHA fully supports the Maine CDC’s recommended practices as it relates to anyone that is either exposed or is potentially exposed. For additional information on best practices as determined by the Maine CDC, please refer to the Maine CDC’s website:

As additional protection for all MEAHA members and their families, MEAHA is implementing the following requirement for all of our members:

Effective October 15, 2021, all MEAHA members participating in any MEAHA Association sanctioned event (Players, Coaches, Team Administrators, Team Parents) shall wear a mask at all times when utilizing locker rooms or meeting spaces for team events. This would include anyone that has regular access to our participants when attending a game, practice, or team event. Masks will not be required, at this time, when on the playing surface, unless the facility requires it. This directive is not intended to override any of the facility requirements that may provide for additional Covid-19 protocols.

This directive will be reviewed periodically as conditions in the state change.

Let’s have a safe and enjoyable season.

Mike Keaney


Maine Amateur Hockey Association